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Condolences to all the lovers of the Ahlul Bayt (AS) on the anniversary of the demolition of the Shrines of the beloved Imams (AS) in Baqi
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Imam Ali (AS) in the eyes of Non-Muslims
Ali was so popular even among the non-Muslims that when he died, all the Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians of Kufa, particularly their women and children who were personally looked after by Ali, lamented his death and wept as one does for ones father.
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What is true fasting according to Lady Fatimah Zahra (SA)?

It is narrated from the beloved daughter of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH), Lady Fatimah Zahra (SA) who said:

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Who are the Shia and What do They Say?

Over the course of the “Who are the Shia and What do They Say” module, we will discuss the advent of Shi’ism, the foundations of Shia beliefs, and the truth of authentic Islam as revealed by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

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