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Oh Allah, we ask you for the sake of this night and the one who was born in it. And for the sake of tonight’s Hujjah and the Promised One with whose birth you honored this night and due to this, Your Word of truth and justice was completed.
That brilliant light of yours.
That hidden one from the eyes.
The one who the world turns round because of him.
Allow us to reach the era of his reappearance time and put us among his companions.
Let us enjoy and be happy in his reign

Zad al-Ma'ad P55

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On the dawn of the 15th of Sha'ban, Imam Hassan Askari (AS)’s eyes were brightened by the matchless face of his son, Mahdi. In gratitude for his blessed birth and for his health, he sacrificed a number of sheep and spread their meat among the people. Following Imam Askari’s (AS) footsteps, we will make sacrifices throughout the world for the well being of the Imam of our time.
Join us in holding this honorable Sunnah in a most splendid matter.
Our promised time:
The dawn of 15th of Sha'ban in the hopes of the hastening of his Appearance.
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Hazrat Abbas’s (AS) nobility arose from loyalty to Truth in difficult times
The value of those martyred at Karbala is that they defended the sanctum of Truth in the most difficult conditions one can ever imagine.
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Special Salawat of the month of Sha’ban

The month of Sha’ban is really valuable and a lot of our Ahadith point to the significance of this great month.

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Who are the Shia and What do They Say?

Over the course of the “Who are the Shia and What do They Say” module, we will discuss the advent of Shi’ism, the foundations of Shia beliefs, and the truth of authentic Islam as revealed by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

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