Lesson 14: The Beautiful Era of Zuhoor (the Reappearance) (Imamah – Part 3)

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful



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Lesson 14: The Beautiful Era of Zuhoor (the Reappearance)
(Imamah – Part 3)

Written by: Zahra Moradi

Translated by: Kazem Bakian-Dogaheh

Edited by: Ali Mansuri and Marzieh Salehi


Note to Instructor: Our prayers and desires can hasten the Zuhoor (Reappearance) of Imam Zaman (AS). Let us pray from our deep hearts to God for the reappearance of the Imam



Last time, we talked about the living Imam of our era. We explained that people, in general, were no longer able to meet and recognize the Imam because they did not properly appreciate the previous Imams and eleven Imams were martyred one after another. So, God took the last Imam out of people’s access and has kept the Imam unrecognized until people desire him and accept him. Even though Imam Zaman (AS) is living among us, people cannot recognize. This condition is called Ghaybat (occultation).

Although the Imam is in Ghaybat and lives without being recognized, by Allah Almighty’s power, the Imam is able to see us, hear us, and be aware of our state, no matter where we are. We can talk to the Imam with our own language and communicate with him, for example, telling him our problems, how much we love him, and our desire to see him as soon as possible.

By the way! We made an agreement together. What was our agreement?

Correct! To start our day by sending our Salam to Imam Zaman (AS) every single day. In other words, just like we say good morning to our family or friends every morning, we should send our Salam to our beloved Imam as a part of our daily greetings.

Imam Zaman (AS) certainly hears us and becomes happy any time we think of him.

My dear students! Imam Zaman (AS) is so kind to us. He cares for every one of us and prays for us. Our problems and sorrows make him feel sad. He becomes happy when we are morally good and happy.

He hopes his Ghaybat will quickly be over so he can help every person on the earth to have a morally happy and prosperous life. When Imam Zaman (AS) returns from the state of Ghaybat, many good things will happen. For example, no one will get sick or suffer from illness anymore. There will be no place for people to bully or annoy each other. The blessings of his reappearance will not be limited to humans and will cover everything. Even wild animals and predators will not be dangerous anymore. for example, lions and wolves will not hunt sheep, but rather be their friends! There shall not be anymore war. No one will be found poor or sad. He will bring, by Allah Almighty’s power, lots of blessings for all creatures. This is why Imam Zaman (AS) wishes his Ghaybat ends soon.

But when will the Ghaybat of Imam Zaman (AS) end? How long does the Imam (AS) need to live secretly and anonymously?

Well, no one knows exactly. We do not know when his Zuhoor will take place (meaning his Ghaybat ends), but …

The important point is that the delay or hastening of his Zuhoor depends on us!

What do we mean by this?

With our actions, we can cause God to give permission for the Zuhoor to take place sooner, or delay it even further. 

Which of our actions affect the Zuhoor?

One of our most important actions that can hasten the Zuhoor is our strong desire and pure prayers for it. If a large group of people purely ask for the Zuhoor from God, He will make it happen more quickly.

Have you ever seen someone facing a problem which no one can solve? Imagine one of our loved ones becomes sick while no doctors can treat their condition. How desperate would we be in that situation? How would we pray?

Surely, with our entire being! We would pray from our deep hearts to God for solving that problem. If we ask God in such way to bring about the Zuhoor of our kind Imam more quickly, our prayers will be granted.

I am sure that you all, like Imam Zaman (AS), strongly want Zuhoor to take place soon so all the people of the world can live with welfare, health, safety, and real happiness. So, now, let’s pray with full attention and from the bottom of our hearts to God for the Zuhoor of Imam Zaman (AS). Certainly, our prayers matter, and our actions will influence the Zuhoor.

“Oh Great Allah! Please make the Zuhoor of our Imam happen soon; Please help us live morally in such a way that Imam Zaman likes; Amen!”


Main Source: Mohammad Foundation


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