Aspects of Lady Fatimah’s (SA) personality in her own words

Lady Fatimah’s (SA) virtues resulted in her elevation and it distinguished her character in the eyes of many throughout history.

Aspects of Lady Fatimah’s (SA) personality in her own words

They created the greater part of her character as they include her spiritual state, generous way of life, rational behaviour, wise words, pleasant manners, and other qualities which have made her a role model in our society and culture. Though describing Lady Fatima’s (SA) persona is no simple task, it is possible to deduce some aspects of her personality and merits from her own words.

Heaven is the reward of one who sends peace and blessings to Lady Fatimah(SA)

A narrator says: “I once visited Fatimah (SA) and said ‘salaam’ to her. She replied to it and then said, ‘During his lifetime, my father said to me: ‘Whoever sends peace and greets us in three days, Heaven is his reward.’ The narrator asked: ‘Is this limited to the lifetime of you and Prophet or does it also apply after you and he have passed away?’ She replied: ‘It does not make a difference whether it is during our lifetime or after our death.’”

Lady Fatimah (SA) is pleased with what pleases God

When Imam Ali (AS) came to the Prophet (PBUH) to ask for Fatima’s (SA) hand in marriage, the Prophet (PBUH) consulted Fatimah (.A) and said: “My daughter Fatimah! Your cousin Ali has asked for your hand in marriage; what is your opinion? She replied: ‘My pleasure is in whatever God and the Prophet (PBUH) are pleased with.’”

Lady Fatimah’s (SA) contentment

She said to her husband Ali (AS): “I feel ashamed to ask you for something that you cannot do.”

Lady Fatimah’s (SA) attachments in this world

Lady Fatimah (SA) has said: “I love three things in this world: To spend in the way of God, recitation of the book of God, and gazing at the face of my father, the Prophet of God (PBUH).”

Lady Fatimah’s (SA) excellence in the words of the Prophet (PBUH)

Lady Fatimah (SA) narrates: “When the verse from the chapter Light (Nur 63) was revealed – ‘Make not the calling of the messenger among you as your calling one of another’46 – I was afraid to address the Prophet of God (PBUH) as “father.” The Prophet (PBUH) turned away from me and said: ‘My daughter, this verse is not for you or your family or progeny. You are from me and I am from you. This verse is for the selfish and arrogant oppressors from among the Quraysh. You address me as father, because this is more beloved to me and it pleases God.”

Lady Fatimah (SA): A member of the household of the Prophet (PBUH)

Lady Fatimah (SA) narrates: “One day I went to visit the Prophet of God and he spread a cloth for me to sit on. After a while Hassan (AS) came and he also had him sit on that cloth. Hussain (AS) came as well and he too sat. Then Ali (AS) joined the group. After this, the Prophet (PBUH) held another piece of cloth over their heads and said, ‘O’ God, These are the members of my household and I am from them. My Lord, Be pleased with them as I am pleased with them.’”

Lady Fatimah (SA): An intercessor of the Day of Judgement

Regarding her intercession, Lady Fatimah (SA) says: “I will intercede for the sinners from among the Ummah of my father when I am raised on the Day of Judgement.”


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