Hidden from the Eyes of the World

Almost every person in the world today has heard the word ‘Islam’ before and knows something about this religion. But there are far fewer people that have heard very much, if anything, about the ‘Shi’a’ group of Muslims. And even among those that have heard something, very few have accurate information.


Hidden from the Eyes of the World


“Hidden from the Eyes of the World” is a valuable book that aims to be an introduction to the Shi’a and their beliefs in a straightforward, easy to understand way.

This book introduces the intellectual, theological, and moral foundations of Shi’ism and explains what characteristics a graduate of the Shia school of thought will possess.

It provides a comprehensive overview of the Shia worldview including details rarely seen in English language texts.

And the good news is:
The book can be ordered on Amazon today using the following link:


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