Imam Reza shrine’s Mukibs offer biggest services for Arbaeen pilgrims

Setting up biggest Mukib in western border town of Mehran, Imam Reza holy shrine offers best and biggest possible services to the on-foot pilgrims of Imam Hossein (AS) participating in Arbaeen rally.

Imam Reza shrine’s Mukibs offer biggest services for Arbaeen pilgrims

As holy day of Arbaeen is approaching, cooking and distributing capacity of warm meals has been increased at Imam Reza shrine’s Mukib (accommodation station) so that the daily number of food packages now reaches 10 thousand per day. Imam Reza shrine’s Mukib is ready to increase this number with the surge in the number of pilgrims.

Distributing drinking water and anticipating accommodation facilities for day and night resting of pilgrims are among other services of Imam Reza shrine in border city of Mehran.

In recent days and with respect to lack of facilities at border crossing points, Hoj. Marvi issued an order for production of over one million packs of snack in order to be distribute among pilgrims waiting in borderlines.

Servants of Imam Reza holy shrine have also run national campaign of “Donation of Water”. The campaign has been able to distribute around 10 million bottles of water and 40 thousand ice cubes among walking pilgrims in Iraq. Also, four million bottles of water have been distributed among on-foot pilgrims in Iran.

Imam Reza holy shrine has also distributed one hundred tons of rice as well as two thousand and seven hundred sheep among Iranian Mukibs. Also, over one thousand servants are now involved in serving people at six Imam Reza Mukibs in Iran and Iraq.

Imam Reza Mukibs are in Shalamcheh, Samara, Kadhimiya, Karbala and areas located between Najaf and Karbala.

Average number of 15 thousand meals of breakfast, lunch, and supper are cooked and distributed by Razavi pilgrims every day. It is anticipated that number of these meals reach over one million up to the end of ceremony.

Source: Abna24

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