Karbala: Provision of Arbaeen pilgrimage with 20000 security forces

Karbala Operation Command announces the provision of Arbaeen pilgrimage in this province with the participation of thousands of security forces, thermal cameras and UAV.

Karbala: Provision of Arbaeen pilgrimage with 20000 security forces

Brigadier General “Fahm Al-Kariti”, the director of the information department of the Karbala Operation Command announced that the special security plan for the Arbaeen pilgrimage of Imam Hussain (AS) will be implemented with the participation of 20 thousand security forces, while to ensure the security, UAVs and long-range thermal cameras will be used in the province.

The Information Manager of the Karbala Operations Command, said: “The command has conducted preliminary operations in the Karbala to the Al-Anbar provinces with the aim of securing the space for the Arbaeen pilgrimage, which sees the presence of millions of pilgrims every year.”

Al-Kariti further added: “20,000 security forces are participating in the implementation of Arbaeen Pilgrimage security plan, and this is in addition to the air support of the army and air force. Also, service and transportation plans parallel to the security plan are implemented with the aim of providing vehicles to transport pilgrims to their provinces after performing the pilgrimage.”

This Iraqi official, while emphasizing that this year the security plan for Arbaeen Hussaini will be smoother, said: “The purpose of the operation is to protect security and stability and also because of the concern which still exists about the infiltration of wanted persons and terrorist elements into the province through desert areas.”

Major General Ali Al-Hamdani, Commander of Middle Euphrates operations in the Hashd Al-Shaabi Organization, while announcing that this organization will participate in many security missions in coordination with the Iraqi Army and Police Operations Command, said about UAVs and thermal cameras: “In addition to automatic aircraft with a range of 150 km and tactical aircraft with a range of 30 km, 12 thermal cameras with a range of 35 km will also be installed.”

In this regard, Al-Hamdani also pointed out: “The Hashd Al-Shaabi forces will be deployed in most axes and obstacles, and in addition, they will participate in service activities for the success of the Arbaeen pilgrimage plan.

Source: en.shafaqna.com

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