How can the wisdom of a believer be completed?

It is narrated from the eighth Shia Imam, Ali ibn Musa Al-Ridha (AS) who said:


How can the wisdom of a believer be completed?

No Muslim’s wisdom will be completed without the following ten characteristics.

  1. The people are hopeful of his/her good deeds.
  2. No one expects any evil from such person.
  3. Considers a little good from others a lot.
  4. Considers a lot of own good deeds as little.
  5. Does not get offended by others requests.
  6. Does not get tired of attaining knowledge until is alive.
  7. Likes poverty in the way of Allah (SWT) more than affluence.
  8. Prefers loss of reputation in the way of Allah (SWT) than having glory in the way of God’s enemy.
  9. Prefers to be unknown than famous.
  10. Then, Imam (AS) said: And the tenth! Imam (AS) was asked what is the tenth characteristic? Imam (AS) replied: Sees no one except to say: That person is better than me and is more pious than me [1].

[1] Tohaful Oqool, Page 443.


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