Hadiths of Lady Fatimah (a.s.)” published in Urdu

 Collection of “Hadiths of Lady Fatimah (a.s.)” by the late Hojat al-Islam Mohammad Dashti was translated and published in Urdu in India.

“Hadiths of Lady Fatimah (a.s.)” published in Urdu

In this collection, after studying in various Shiite and Sunni sources, the author has collected a number of valuable hadiths that have reached us from the Lady Fatimah Zahra (a.s.), the of the Messenger of God (p.b.u.h).

By assigning various titles and topics to the enlightening words of that esteemed lady, and classifying them alphabetically, the author has tried to facilitate readers’ access to the hadiths. Sermons, advice, conversations, religious teachings, Ahkam, Tafsir of Quran, educational and health points, marriage ritual and political and social issues are various fields of the sayings of that honorable lady.

Ordered by the Translation Office of the AhlulBayt (a.s.) World Assembly, the book “Principles of Beliefs in Forty Lessons” has been translated into Urdu in 207 pages, by Hojat al-Islam Nesar Ahmad Zeinpouri, and Publications Office of the Assembly, in cooperation with Velayat Publications, has published it in 1000 copies in India.

Those who interested to buy the books in person, can refer to AhlulBayt (a.s.) World Assembly, Jomhuri Islami Boulevard, Qom, Iran; or call the number: +9825321313071

Source: Abna24

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