Arbaeen International Headquarters establishes in Latin American region

 The Arbaeen International Headquarters established for the first time in the Latin American region with the participation of cultural activists from these countries.

Arbaeen International Headquarters establishes in Latin American region

Simultaneously with the days of preparation of Ahlul-Bayt (A.S) lovers for Arbaeen Hussaini ceremony, yesterday the first meeting of Arbaeen Hussaini activists from different countries of Latin America was held virtually, and for the first time the permanent and international headquarters of Arbaeen was established in Latin America.

At the ceremony, which was attended by representatives from Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile, Dr. Soheil Asad was introduced as the head of the Arbaeen International Headquarters in Latin America. Planning and coordination between countries, content production, regional and supra-regional support, special planning and coordination with holy shrines are among the tasks of this Arbaeen International Headquarters in the Latin American region.

Publication of two new books in Latin American countries on the subject of Ashura and Arbaeen, holding street processions, launching a caravan, holding a national and coordinated Arbaeen pilgrimage throughout Latin America, holding ceremonies in Islamic centers and mosques, publishing a children’s Rain magazine with the theme of Arbaeen and Muharram and the unveiling of the Latin American Arbaeen poster in 2021 and the production of the special logo are among the tasks of of the headquarters this year.

The headquarters will hold several meetings throughout the year, and each year will plan to hold a glorious Arbaeen ceremony in the Latin American region based on local and international capacities.

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