What is the consequence of inventing new sins?

 Nowadays, new forms of sins are invented by the people in different societies such as sins related to the internet, mobile phones, and similar ones which many families and individuals have been affected badly as well as providing bases for spreading more new sins.


What is the consequence of inventing new sins?

As consequences to these new sins, new calamities also are inflicted on societies which some of them can be really frightening. Inventing new sins by the human beings means inventing punishments in new forms as promised by God in holy Quran.

Many examples from previous generations have been mentioned in the holy Quran where they invented new sins and as the consequence suffered by punishments which they were not aware of them. It is narrated from Imam Ridha (AS) who said: Whenever, the servants of God bring (invent) new sins which they did not know about them beforehand, Allah (SWT) will inflict new calamities on them that did not exist beforehand and they were not aware of them [1].

[1] Wasa’elul Shia, Vol. 11, Page 240.

Source: en.shafaqna.com

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