Webinar to Discuss ‘Abrahamic Religions and New Atheism’

The online program will be held with the participation of intellectuals and academic figures from different countries.

Webinar to Discuss ‘Abrahamic Religions and New Atheism’

Mehdi Golshani, professor at Sharif University, Tehran, will deliver a speech on ‘Science and Religion in the Theistic Worldview’, Michael Behe, professor at Lehigh University, USA, will talk about ‘The Future of Intelligent Design Movement and Challenges it Casts on New Atheism’ in the webinar.

‘Religion and Ethics in the New Atheistic Perspective’ will be the topic to be discussed by Abulfazl Sajedi, professor at Imam Khomeini Institute of Qom, and Robin Collins, professor at Messiah College, USA will present a speech on ‘Modern Physics and the Future of Theism and Atheism’.

Yousef Daneshvar, assistant professor at the institute, will also be a speaker in the webinar  discussing ‘Unjustified Naturalism of Science’.

The program can be watched on andisheqom.com, aparat.com, and pasokhtv page on Instagram from 6 to 8 pm. Tehran time on Monday.

Source: iqna.ir

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