Renovating entrance lane in Karbala

An entrance lane in the old town of Karbala the Imam Hussain Shrine has begun renovating in order to make the holy city of Karbala look more beautiful.

Renovating entrance lane in Karbala

Nafi’ ElKhafajey, director of the city maintenance department, said that the renovation project is set to renovate this entrance lane, which is 205 meters long, as well as the other 12 entrances.

He added that the renovation process will include the sidewalk, sewerage system, and utilities.

ElKhafajey said further the project will be three phases in order to ensure work accuracy and add more space for the people living there, noting that the project will be achieved in 20 days.

By: Hussain Hamed EjJenabey

Photography: Mustafa EjJenabey

Translation: Mohammed Alobaidi


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