Islamic Centre of England hosts gathering of Shia Muslim scholars, preachers

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - The 26th annual conference of Muslim scholars, imams of mosques and preachers from Islamic centers and mosques in different parts of Britain was organized at the Islamic Centre of England in London.



According to the center’s website, “the role of ethics in religious preachers’ success” was the theme of the conference, held on May 12. 

The program began with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, followed by a speech by Sayyed Fadhil Milani, imam of the Khoyi Islamic Center of London. 

Referring to the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) sermon about the holy month of Ramadan, he said that the most important mission of Muslim clerics and religious scholars in this month is to guide the society and disseminate Islamic teachings. 

He also quoted a Hadith from Imam Ali (AS) that “Whoever wants to be a leader should educate himself before educating others. Before preaching to others, he should first practice himself. Whoever educates himself and improves his own morals is superior to the man who tries to teach and train others.” 

The program was also addressed by Sheikh Ali Alemi, chairman of the Islamic Universal Association of London, who stressed that the holy month of Ramadan is an opportunity for contemplation.

He noted that one of the main problems of humans in today’s world is neglecting or violating principles of morality. 

The scholar referred to the verse 164 of Surah Al-i Imran which says: “Certainly did Allah confer [great] favor upon the believers when He sent among them a Messenger from themselves, reciting to them His verses and purifying them and teaching them the Book and wisdom, although they had been before in manifest error”, and said that it is an example of practical teaching in Islam. 

He noted that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the infallible Imams (AS) tried to convey the teachings of Islam in practice rather than in theory, and that is why Muslims can learn from their Seerah. 

Sayyed Alireza Razawi, chairman of the European Shia Scholars Council, Sayyed Najm Al-Hassan and Sheikh Mohammad Ali Shomali, representative of the Supreme Leader in Britain and head of the Islamic Centre of England were the other speakers at the program.

They also stressed the necessity of making the best use of the holy month of Ramadan to disseminate Islamic teachings and virtues.

Source: Abna24

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