Is God everywhere?

Sheikh Kolayni (RA) with his documents narrated from Mohammad Ibn Isa who said:


Is God everywhere?

I wrote to Imam Hadi (AS): May I sacrifice my life for you, it has been narrated for us that God is in one place and not the other, God dominates Divine Thrown, and every midnight descends to worldly sky. And it is also narrated that: At evening of Arafah, God descends, and then returns. Some of your friends say: When God is in one place and not in another, then (like other matters) air surrounds God, while the air is a thin matter which surrounds the size of any matter. Then, in this condition, how does it surround God? In reply, Imam Hadi (AS) wrote to me: The knowledge of it (meaning descend and ascend of God) is with God only. And it is God who organizes/manages the air (and any other thing/matter) to its best measure (and God has no measure). And beware that when God is in world’s sky, is also on Divine Thrown, and everything for Allah (SWT) from the point of view of knowledge, power, estate, and dominance is the same [1].

[1] Al-Kafi, Vol. 1, Page 137.


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