Imam Ali’s (AS) instructions for Duas to be accepted by God

A person asked Imam Ali (AS) about this saying of Allah (SWT) who said:

Imam Ali’s (AS) instructions for Duas to be accepted by God

“Call on Me (God) in order that I (God) fulfil your requests/wishes”; what happened that we call on God but no reply is given? Imam Ali (AS) replied: Indeed, your hearts have betrayed in eight ways. First is that you have recognized God, but have not observed God’s right as it has become Wajib by Allah (SWT). That is why this recognition had no benefit for you. Second point is that you believed the messenger of God, but you did not act according to his religion and destroyed it. Then, what is the use of your belief? The third point is that you read the Quran, but did not act upon it, you said: We obey, but went against it.

The fourth point is that you mentioned you fear hell fire, but every moment you become nearer to it by committing sins; then where is your fear? The fifth point is that you said you are eager to go to paradise, but every moment you do something which takes you away from it. And the sixth point is that, you benefit from Divine Blessings, but you do not give thanks for them. The seventh point is that Allah (SWT) ordered you to be the enemy of Satan and said: “Verily, Satan is your enemy, so consider him as your enemy”, but without any objection you became friend with Satan. The eighth point is that you only see the fault of people and you neglect your own. You blame others whilst you are more deserving to be blamed. With all that explanations, which one of your Duas is accepted? You have closed the doors and ways of Dua on yourself, fear God and correct your acts and purify your inner selves, and enjoin good and prohibit bad in order that Allah (SWT) accepts your Duas [1].

[1] Mostadrakul Wasael, Vol.5, Page 286.


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