How to become the companion of prophets in the heaven?

One day Prophet Dawood (AS) in his prayers asked God to introduce to him, his companion in the heaven. He was told:


How to become the companion of prophets in the heaven?

Go out of town, the first person you see is your companion. Next day Prophet Dawood (AS) with his son Suleiman went out of town, and saw an old man who brought firewood on his back to sell. The old man’s name was Mataa and shouted: Who wants to buy firewood? One person came forward and bought them all. Prophet Dawood (AS) went to Mataa and greeted him and asked: Is it possible for us to become your guests today? The old man replied: guest is friend of God; please come, and then the old man with the money earned from selling firewood bought some wheat, made them into flour and baked three loaves of bread.

The old man brought bread for guests to eat and when they started eating, for every bite he ate, the old man said “Bismellah” at the start and “Alhamdulillah” at the end. When the simple lunch ended, the old man raised his hands towards the sky and said: O’ God, the firewood which I sold, You planted the tree, and dried them, and gave me the strength to pick them, and sent me the customer to buy them and the wheat we ate, You planted the seeds, and provided the tools for flour and baking the bread; what have I done for all these blessings? The old man was saying these words whilst crying; Dawood (AS) looked at his son in a meaningful way, meaning this is the reason that old man will be the companion of prophets [1].

[1] Dastanhaye Shegeftangiz, Shahid Abdul Hussain Dastqaib, PP 30-31.


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