Shia Ringtones

Listen and Select Offline Shia Islamic Ringtones for your smartphones. This app is especially has been designed for the people of fiqa jafria.

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bassim al karbalai, abazar al halawaji and many Arabic ringtones are in this app. Shia ringtones can be selected for Notifications and alarms. If you want to select specific ringtone for specific person so you have options for that. shia ringtones for the alarm can also be selected . all of the shia ringtones are very beautiful and best. They are all offline this shia islamic ringtones can be enjoyed offline. Salawat , karbala ringtones is included.the shia people can download or enjoy offline shia ringtones in this app

App Features are:
* Easy to use
* Nice layouts
* Select Ringtone you your voice calls
* Select ringtone for your specific friends only
* Select ringtone for your Notifications
* can select ringtone for your Alarm

Please recite Surah Fatiha for my father that May Allah Bless His Soul

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