Ghorar al Hikam

Ghorar al Hikam. We feel great pleasure to put this book in App form in English language, which has all the traditions from Ameerul Momeneen H. Ali (a.s.).

Ghorar al Hikam

The book has more than 11000 traditions with 720 topics. The app also has widget which shows different traditions on your main screen.

Originally compiled in Iran by : Omid Omidee
email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The compiler of this work was the great scholar and muhaddith Qadi Nasib al-Din Abu al-Fath ‘Abd al-Wahid ibn Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al-Wahid al-Aamudi al-Tamimi from the scholars of the fifth century who passed away in 510 AH. He was a contemporary of Sayyid Razi, Sayyid Murtaza and Shaykh Tusi.

Some of the great scholars such as Ibn Shahr Ashub, ‘Allama Majlisi and Muhaddith Noori, have praised him and considered his work to be of great value. Many of these scholars have also narrated from him.

Keywords : shia, traditions, akhlaq, imams, Ghurar al hikam, ahadith, hadith, hadees, shi'ite, shiah, shi'ah, gorar

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