One day a person asked Imam Jawad (AS): Why most people fear death? Imam (AS) replied: Because people have no information about it, and they panic. And if people knew about death, and tried to become servants of God, and followers and friends of Ahlul Bait (AS), then they would have become happy about it (death) and would have realized that the hereafter is better for them than this world. Imam Jawad (AS) continued by saying: Do you know why children and mad people are pessimistic and do not like medicine and treatments despite the fact that they are beneficial for their health and remove their illnesses?

Because they have no knowledge about those treatments and do not know that the medicines cure them. Imam Jawad (AS) added: Swear to God who truly appointed the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), whoever prepares himself/herself for death at any moment and is not neglectful of his/her behaviour and actions; death will be the best cure and salvation for such a person. And also death provides prosperity in the everlasting world (hereafter), and he/she will benefit from many Divine Blessings in that everlasting abode [1]


Main Source:  SHAFAQNA 


[1] Al-Ikhtisas, Sheikh Mofeed, Page 55.

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